About Beau-Château

Coming from the union of the cities of Beauharnois and Châteauguay, the Régie created in 2016, offers modern infrastructure adapted to the needs of the population. The Régie's dynamic and varied program is added to the citizen offer of these participating cities.

Our mission

Ensure the continuation of the Beauharnois and Châteauguay municipal services in regards to sports, culture and recreation.

Offer specialized sports programming to the population of the region, in collaboration with recognized and federated partners in their respective discipline;


Offer a professional and improved service to the citizens of Beauharnois and Châteauguay on the sports, cultural and recreational levels;

Offer a specialized sports program of regional scope;

Create sporting and cultural events of regional, provincial and international caliber;

HôtesThe host organizations recognize the municipal authorities of Beauharnois and Châteauguay;

Our values